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Tips to Free your Suede Leather Blazer from Wrinkles

Posted by ON Dec 5th, 2012, AT 2:00 PM

In the article below, you can learn some fantastic ways to removes those irritating wrinkle from your favorite suede leather blazer.

A suede leather blazer is a justifiable and classic style investment as you can easily team it up with jeans for tough yet stylish look or with professional business outfits at the workplace. Most likely, you might stow away this stunning piece during hotter months, but with the commencement of colder months, you will again crave to wear it. Well, here your suede leather blazer will need some better treatment for to cease the wrinkles.

Suede is bit flimsy and a delicate sort of leather that needs extra care while cleaning and handling. Thus, ensure that you take appropriate precautions to avert a wrecked wardrobe staple.

How to Remove Wrinkles from Suede Leather Blazer?

  • Take a sturdy hunger and hang your suede leather blazer on it. Place it in your bathroom, a little away from the shower or bathtub. In this case, you can hang in on a hook from a light fixture near the sink, window or at the back of your bathroom door. But make sure that you keep the windows and doors closed.
  • Get a hot bathe, or if you have already had a shower, run the hot water as if you were taking a bath. Allow the vapor from the shower to fill the bathing room completely and this will assist in loosening any wrinkles from your blazer.
  • The next step to release your blazer from wrinkles is to iron or heat it on the lowest possible setting of heat. See to it that the suede leather doesn’t become wet. Hence, use low heat setting by avoiding any steam, water or moisture that consequent from higher heat settings.
  • Also, before ironing, place a brown paper on the surface of blazer where you want it to iron. Carefully iron on the top of paper bag so that it acts as a barrier between your favorite outfit and warm iron. Gently move the iron over the section in back forth movement until all the wrinkles disappear. If needed, place the same bag in another section till you have straightened all the visible wrinkles.

So as to uphold the reliability of the suede leather, avoid making use of any chemicals like spray starch, to help out with eliminating the wrinkles from your authentic leather blazer.

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