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Tips To Procure Figure Flattering Leather Jacket

Posted by ON Nov 3rd, 2012, AT 3:15 PM

Undoubtedly, leather jacket is the best pick to add on style in one’s personality. Though, you need to be a bit concerned about its size while selecting this exclusive wear.

To make the leather jacket look figure flattering it is very important that it must have proper fittings that can emphasize plus points in you. Leather jacket being from the fantastic material, it tends to show off classiness thereby making you stand stunning at the crowd. Although, you need to be bit conscious about how to wear them and most importantly chose the perfect one that fits your persona.  Its well worth the time to get jackets that fits you superbly well.

Some styles of leather jackets for different body shape:-

Petite or slender styles of jacket as the name enthralls that this sort of wear is meant for lean women.  Usually, they are tapered at the waist from all the edges and also at the center back.  It doesn’t have darts. The upper arm sleeves are slimly fitted.  The bust sizes fits approx about 32” to 44” which works great with the petite and slender figure.

Pear or slim figured should opt for the jackets that are tapered on the waist from all the sides and also at the center back. These patterned jackets generally does not have dart and fitted closely to the body. Also see that the overwear gives proper width in the upper arm.

You can also come across the jacket that has curved center back seam and an average arm for the women who have revised or regular figure. This sort of wear is perfect pick for the one who has balanced figure, bottom and top as well.

Darted patterned jackets works best for the women with larger or fuller bust. It is designed especially for large breasted women. Here, the center back and the sides of jacket are tapered in waist and the upper portion near the arms are bit spacious than the general fittings.  It gives a curvaceous silhouette to your figure.

There are innumerable options available for the large size women. Here you need to play with colors and designer patterns as well. Go for the bolder shades as such colors have the propensity to make an illusion of slender look. Apple shaped girls can opt for plus size or regular fitted jackets.

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