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Women’s Leather blazers are the finest piece of wardrobe staple that adds style into ones personality. Trying out with different outfits simply helps in polishing off the overall look.

A leather blazer is a stylish and chic closet element that adds a fashionable look to your overall appearance.  One of the fantastic features about this outfit is that you can wear it in both the affairs, whether it is formal or informal, depending on what sorts complimenting outfit you are planning to wear with blazer.  Be it a corporate event or cocktail parties, don’t be anxious about experimenting, simply try out different styles and accessorize it in the ways that suits your taste as well as your personality.

Leather blazers are available in different forms including colors, patterns and size of which you can pick the one that radiates fashion trail and your looks as well.

Wondering what to wear with classic leather blazer, here are few ideas that you can try out!

Pair it up with Jeans:-

For casual night out with your friends or dinner with someone special, you can try out wearing fitted jeans with the leather blazer. The bolder the jeans the more sophisticated you will appear. Distressed jeans will also work but see that it has skinny or slight boot cut pattern. You can compliment your overall look with a loosely fitted shirt, striking yet simple earrings and match it up with flats or speak sneakers.

Team it up with Dress:-

You can simply add a styling edge to a printed dress by donning it beneath your classic leather blazer. It is one of the stunning way to wear your lovely summer dress when the climate is little colder outside. Lovely pair of ankle boots or heels and accessorize it with a statement necklace or stud earrings.

Wear it with Slacks:-

Doll up your leather blazer with a pair of wide leg slacks and compliment it with button down blouse and blazer as well. Ensure that you fold the collar of blouse over your favorite blazer and also remember to roll up the sleeves. Add accent to the complete outfit by wrapping a scarf and accessorizing it with a pair of simple jewelry and wedges.

Garb it with Pencil Skirt:-

Create another stunning look by pairing up leather blazer with a pencil skirt. Blazer will add texture to your silhouette while at the same time the skirt will hug your curves. A loosely fitted shirt tucked into the skirt and pairing it up with classy stilettos will simply make wonders.

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