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What Shoes To Wear with Flowy Dresses

Posted by ON Oct 30th, 2012, AT 4:00 PM

Flowy dresses are nothing but a warm weather basic piece of clothing which is more or less worn during the winter months.

From the chilly winter season to the sunny weather conditions when the sun is out, if you are stuck in your workplace then this specific dress for sure will be very helpful to you. Even if the weather hasn’t gone down to its end working with a flowy dress in your closet for sure will put a winter state of mind. This is what a flowy dress can do without setting it off with other accessories.

All you have to do is pick up the right kind of shoes in order to tailor this look for your own style and circumstances.


Flowy dresses simply do wonders for any body shape of women as they can mold a pear or petite shape or top heavy figure set off in the best possible manner. When you are doing the setting off act then make sure to add some volume to the base by slipping into a nice pair of wedges or other high heeled shoes. If you wish to keep the look formal then opt for fabrics which are very soft to touch on the other hand if you wish to dress up with other things then look for leather straps and wooden heels.


If you want to conceal up the base half then go for shoes which has thinner heels. It is not essential that the shoe must be high heeled or stilettos. They must be of a smaller length which will give a false impression of long, slim legs that can be either in basic black or in other dark hues which will enhance your entire personality. Women with an hourglass shape can even go for high heeled ones are somewhat to the closest length. This will on the other hand make your legs look very long. A lighter color can lend a hand in keeping the dress from appearing very formal at some point in the daytime outings.


Ballet flats can as well work good for your legs that too when paired with a flowy dress. These add a touch of prettiness to your look and set off the looseness of the dress with a little of arrangement. You can even come up with new ideas that are more vintage inspired for an unexpected twist. These styles can even be in many exciting shades which can still make you look more feminine.

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