5 Tips for maintaining your Leather apparels

Articles looks at giving readers genuine tips on how to maintain their leather apparels. Utilizing these tips will allow them to extend the durability of their leather apparels. Beware! your leather apparels have a life of their own. Sounds ghostly but we mean it albeit in a true fashion sense. Being made of dead skin, leather has its own a shelf life which when not cared for, will eventually deteriorate making it no longer wearable. So the million dollar question arises what can we leather enthusiast do to increase the time line of our cherished apparel? Well, this article is dedicated to answering the same and we have clustered five good tips in a FAQ manner that you could utilize towards keeping your leather alive. 1.    What to do when your leather apparel gets wet? Leather on getting wet should be left out to dry, one should be careful not to put it in the dryer or the heating vent which could cause it to shrink or lose its original shape. 2.    What NOT to do when one’s leather garment gets stained? Do not try to remove it yourself, unless directed by the leather cleaning professional. This is recommended because when indulging in a DIY solution most of the time one just erodes the original color from the garment and on doing so it’s even harder to restore it back. When stained its recommended to take it to a professional cleaning store. 3.    What are the best ways to store Leather apparels? It is recommended to hang leather apparels on padded hangers and bag them in a clean bed sheet or a cloth bag. Leather enthusiasts should avoid storing them in plastic bags as that wouldn’t allow the apparels to ‘breathe’ which could encourage growth of mold and mildew. One should store the leather apparels in dry place away from sunlight to prevent fading. 4.    One should not allow leather apparels to touch one’s skin Sweat from our skin is not beneficial for the textured leather apparels. One should make sure that on wearing leather it is not in direct touch with one’s skin. Even perfumes and fragrances should not be allowed to fall directly on leather as that could result in erosion of color, which will be difficult to restore. 5.    Do leather jackets improve with age? Readers, Leather is not wine, hence the aging process does not apply to it. They are just like any other fabric and are bound to get dirty if one doesn’t clean them from time to time. Hope the above 5 tips have given you a better understanding on how to maintain and increase the shelf life of your leather apparels. In addition to the tips mentioned above if you have some queries of our own do let us know, we would to oblige.

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