Good Looks- Is It Really Important?

Do not judge a book by its cover not a person by his/her appearance, but let’s face this bitter truth: we all do it! The first impression is enough to decide about the people you are meeting, while the next few minutes to notice our first impressions. Few among you might think, “I could care less about what people think about me and my dressing”. Well, I am going to give you some good reasons why physical appearance matters so much. Being remembered… Always look your bestBeing dressed in an elegant style is a way to say who you are without having to speak, and this is what makes you remembered! In our overcrowded and extremely competitive world, the only way to be remembered is to appear outstanding. The fact is that people are often going to be looking at what you are donning and how you have worn it. If they notice something appealing, they will remember and of course, in turn you would be remembered. Find a way to look sharp and pleasing, as life is very spontaneous… look sharp and pleasingMany things in life are unplanned. You might never know who are you are going to meet and when.  The enigmatic reason behind this is simply another concept why you need to be the best dressed- up.  Whether you are planning for an urgent board meeting, to an event, party or down the street to your local Starbucks for coffee, always make sure to stay stylish with an unwaveringly presentable outfit. Confidence and attitude will make you look and feel good… confidant looking man It is evidently simple as that; when you appear good, you feel good and when you feel good, you stay energetic, more productive, with right attitude and naturally confident in what you do.  Being self-confident is an important attitude if you want to do something best in your life, and there could not be anything much easier that staying styling and good looking. At times, it is not all about what you feel, but yes, what other feel about you and the way they are affected with the impression you put on them. When dressed in elegance and style, people surrounding you will sense the confident aura in you. And for all this, looking good does matter! The best investment that you can make in life for yourself is a good reputation and a unique personality as well.  So always remember, before you step out from your dwell, look in the mirror for the one last time as ask yourself, “Do I look and feel best?”

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