History of Leather Jackets

Leather is one versatile piece of fabric that suits and that is the best for any occasion- casual or formal. Leather may have been introduced during the time of the Neanderthal man, but since then there has been immense change over in the looks and the final product. With every passing decade, the demand for leather fabric may have increased but it has even grown to be much more sophisticated.  The whole and sole reason behind such an increase in demand for various kinds of leather apparels in today’s time is that leather has blended itself very well with the changing times, yet stayed firm to its base, protection. The apparel that in leather is high on demand is the leather jacket. Majority of the celebrities are seen flaunting their leather apparels every now and then in various events or in their music videos or movies. This story of their love for leather is quite old and it is also known that these are the ones to influence juvenile teens. Leather jackets have and still play a vital role in their lives. Leather jackets or rather the lather biker jackets were a big furor in the olden days and that’s how one could related a biker, like a Cowgirl was known because of her exquisite sense of dressing i.e. due to the leather chaps then. Then there was time when Marlon Brando shaped a revolution with his raging and maddening to earn one leather jacket in those days. Well, in those days, the application of leather was also extended to the use of leather pants and accessories. Leather pants in those times when worn by women were considered hot, sexy and appealing. So, starting from the olden days, until now leather apparels have grown in plenty and all of the styles introduced have been a hit for that specific time. Even today, Madonna’s leather bomber jackets in various imitations are flooding the market. In the same way there is also many leather lingerie available in the market today and also high on demand in the market this time. Come what may be the problem and voices raised against the use of leather, but leather in the only fabric the fashionistas will overlook in spite of any allegations put due to its timeless influence.

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