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3 Tips to Accurately Measure your Belt Length

Posted by ON Feb 4th, 2014, AT 5:20 PM

Article looks at giving its readers 3 options on how to get the right length. It gives homemade remedies for both men and women wearers.

Your Belt/Waist band matters!

Your reason for purchasing it could be plenty right from holding your trousers to being a sought after and eye catching fashion apparel.  However, did you know that when purchasing this accessory apart from its material composition and style there is an extra element that is important, could you think for a second on what that could be?

It’s the fitting.

It’s very important that we get an accurately fitting waist band; especially when shopping online the measurements are very important. Readers do note that the size is not the same as your trousers in fact they are at least 2-3 inches thicker as they go around the trouser which further has undergarments beneath. Today’s article is going to delve on looking at home remedies on how to accurately measure one’s belt. To make it easier to consume the article has been divided into 3 scenarios.

Measuring using an existing waistband

To do this one should put it on and make a note of the hole that fits comfortably. After doing this one should stretch it out on a flat surface and measure the length from the buckle to the hole marked. This will serve as the size that is to be provided for procurement of the new one. If carefully done by measuring the leather from buckle hole till the end, it can serve as being of perfect length to know one’s exact size.

 Measuring without belts

To do this one would need a measuring tape which should be put around one’s pant or skirt loops and wrapped around one’s waist. For measuring the girth one must inhale deeply and measure the point where one end of the tape band meets the other.  This will be the length needed for ordering the new one.

Measuring keeping in mind where to wear it

The objective here revolves around where one is actually going to wear it (waist, hips or somewhere in between) one can then proceed to tape the concerned region and get an accurate length for procurement of the accessory.

On a concluding note, it will be highly beneficial if an individual before placing an online order looks at considering the options discussed above in choosing his or her waistband. If in addition to the ideas mentioned above, you have some ideas of your own.

Do let us know.

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