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5 Tips on removing foul odors from Leather

Posted by ON Feb 5th, 2014, AT 2:36 PM

Article looks at giving tips on how to remove bad odors and smells out of genuine leather apparels.

Have you ever wondered why leather apparels that you once bought with much enthusiasm have now started smelling foul?

Let’s first trace a bit of history to carefully understand this unique phenomenon. Firstly leather as a material is sourced from tanned animal hides. Though it has been worn through the ages because of its durable nature it is generally more difficult to clean than other natural and synthetic fibers.

Today’s article looks at recommending some tried and tested tips to clean it. Due to the wide variety of tips available one can look at natural to artificial methods of cleaning it.

Healing with the Sun 

This process requires one to hang one’s apparels on the clothes line and leave it out to dry. When left for about 7-8 hours the sun’s ultra violet rays would sufficiently eradicate the bad smells from the apparels.

 Cleaning with a Fine Brush

Brushes are especially useful when cleaning materials that require extra care and attention especially materials like Suede and soft fabrics.

Using the aid of formulated cleaners

Professionally formulated cleaners are specifically meant for cleaning these apparels. They can be used to specifically cleanse and condition the materials. Before purchasing one should carefully check what the cleansing methods are that one has to deploy towards the fabric. One should never use regular soapy water as that would make the fabric dry and cracking.

Wrapping in a Newspaper

Wrapping and storing of one’s leather in newspaper sheets for a couple of days has been found to be useful in eradicating odors.

Some Homemade remedies

One must make a solution wherein one mixes 5 parts of water along with a single part of distilled vinegar in a spray bottle. Then one must proceed to mist the surface with the solution leaving the surface moist and air dry outside. Spot clean the stains with a solution of 1 part of vinegar and 1 part of water and then one must proceed to remove the excess stains by cleansing them with a dry cloth. Rub the cloth in one direction following the grain of the fabric to prevent abrasions.

On a concluding note hope the above suggestions allow you to eradicate foul smells from your favorite apparel. It’s very essential that you routinely take care of your leather apparels to extend their durability.

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