4 Ways to Spot Real Leather

4 Ways to Spot Real Leather

Article gives tips to purchasers on how to spot genuine leather.

Demand’ and ‘Supply’ are among the most powerful forces in our universe. When we look around they literally drive the scheme and outcome of events around us. Similar is the case with leather fabrics, when demand for it grew worldwide immensely it put great pressure on the manufacturers to match up for it. So what did they do to bridge the demand gap?

They introduced faux apparels into the market. Initially customers couldn’t tell the difference as for the un-suspecting individual, it looks in ever manner like the original. But later on knowing that they have not purchased the original, there is only a feeling of sheer disappointment for the owner.

So how does a customer who is keen on buying the original apparel spot the difference?

Today’s article will give you some tips on how to spot the true deal from the foxes.

Did you check the Label?

Well that’s common sense isn’t it, but as the saying goes ‘common sense itself is not all that common’. Whenever you buy a jacket, do check on the instructions label as it will clearly be mentioned on how to take care of the fabric. Many wearers don’t pay attention to this small but essential piece of information.

Inspect the Pores and the Edges

Faux fabrics have a generally smoother edge compared to real one’s which has a slightly rougher edge to it. One should look at the Pores in the material, faux apparels will have pores that are consistent and real pores will not at all be consistent and have a natural feel across it.

Touching the apparels

If you have never experienced original leather first hand, we would suggest you to first go to a reputed apparel store and get a feel of the real fabric. It will wary from being smooth or coarse or anywhere in between them. Leather is also found to be flexible and soft, while assessing the apparel if you find it to be extremely smooth or has a feel closer to plastic then you can be sure you are dealing with genuine stuff.

Smelling it Right

Genuine fabrics have a distinctive smell to it which a regular connoisseur will be able to differentiate as faux apparels will never be able to get that aroma right.

Hope the suggestions above are found useful by you, when you go shopping. If in addition to this you would like us to write on any specific topic, do let us know.

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