3 Low Cost Ways to Renew Your Wardrobe

3 Low Cost Ways to Renew Your Wardrobe


Since most of us still find ourselves in the midst of an economic recession, it is natural to look at ways to be minimal in our day-to-day expenses. One area where there is massive scope for frugality is your clothing wardrobe.

Today’s article is dedicated to that precise theme and we are going to look at 3 low cost ways in which one can renew their wardrobe on a shoe string budget.

Clothes Swap 

If you are a fashion enthusiast like so many of our readers, it is very likely that you would have over the years accumulated lots of apparels some of which you probably are not using at present. If that is the scenario and you are looking for some new wears then we suggest you indulge in a clothing swap with a friend who shares the same passion and has similar body measurements like yours.

If you are successful in doing this, you will have a new and refreshing wardrobe without even spending a penny. Author tip: When indulging in a clothing swap observe a golden rule of swapping only those clothes that are ready to use and not swap torn or stained clothing.

Visiting Your Local Flea Market

Be a Roman in Rome’ this belief can no longer be held on when economic situations become rough. If needed one must visit the local fashion flea market to choose economical wears. You will be surprised to find products at a massive bargain available here but a lot depends on your street smartness and ability to bargain for the very best.

Refashioning your apparel

If you have particular apparel that you have worn for a very long period and are tired of wearing it one more time, then you could try breathing a bit of life into them by choosing to refashion them. This can be done by pairing it with altogether different apparel. Using a bit of creativity and innovation will help in rechristening the lost charm of your apparel.

Hope the above three examples have prompted you to relook at your fashion sense. We at leatherfads would like to break the myth that one needs to splurge to be fashionable. Corny as it sounds the world of fashion is within you.

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