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5 Tips to consider when wearing shorts

Posted by ON May 20th, 2014, AT 11:11 AM

Article illustrates five pointers that one must consider when purchasing shorts. The pointers are meant for women in mind.


Summer is just a few months away and one of the apparels that we find flying off our shelves is summer shorts. However, finding the pair to suit you is where the trick lies, how does one matches fashion with fitment? In today’s article, we are going to address just that, what you find below is a collection of tips one must consider when wearing them.

Choosing one’s short shape wisely

Shapely type of short suit well for someone with a structured exaggerated bell shaped waist. They tend to look best on long and lean stems as well as those having a boyish torso.

Playing with patterns

If you are the type of person who loves playing with patterns, then we suggest do continue. However, keep in mind a fact that if you indulge in having large patterns all over your shorts, it will attract attention and may in some cases make you appear short limbed than you originally are. Also remember to stay away from horizontal stripes; they will tend to make you look broader than you actually are.

Fabric threads do matter

Here what we are suggesting is that fabric of the material used does surely matter. Since summer is approaching, we suggest using lighter themed fabrics like cotton or linen to make you feel cool during summer.

Banded or Elastic

Well this is an interesting bit, do not be under the impression that if you choose elastic bands they will work fine for you. We have known cases wherein the elastic is so short that it constricts the waist un-necessarily. You can take a call between solid elastic bands and straight bands depending on which you feel comfortable.

Choosing between longer and shorter

Women with longer legs often think that they have to cover themselves up and hence opt for Bermuda styled apparels while on the contrary it makes more sense to wear a shorter pair. Longer shorts make your legs look shorter than they actually are.

On  a conclusive note, hope you have enjoyed reading our article, if there is any specific topic that you would like us to write about, do let us know.

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