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Wearing 21st century Denim

Posted by ON May 23rd, 2014, AT 4:50 PM

Article gives one a summation of the evolution of jeans, how they successfully became part of one’s daily fashion. It gives the reader different variations of them which are popularly worn by users.

Wearing 21st century Denim

One apparel whose introduction has revolutionized not just the world of fashion, but also the fashion industry at large is denim.  Its origin dates back to as old as 18th century, wherein it was used by miners as a form of clothing. This over a period got famous with the teenage crowd and the material became popular the world over. Today there are various variants of the material and its most popular form was denim corduroy with blue denim being associated with the American culture.

Did you know that a typical pair of blue denim clothing consumes 919 gallons of water during its life cycle? During the earlier days, cowboys generally used them, as the rough clothing allowed for long durability for the material. One can look super cool in them by mixing it up with t-shirts, shirts and other formal fair. The general tradition has been of wearing cotton, fabrics on workdays and coming up with smart t-shirt paired tunics for the weekends. This and many others are the general accepted combinations among both men and women.

One can argue that a woman wearing this clothing has started a bit late, but with the rise of feminism and improvements in women’s rights, it was only a question of time for women to begin wearing denim. Right through the 80’s and 90’s women started wearing them and it became far more popular.

There are various variants to the plane old jeans, with some among them being the sandblasted style or washed / ripped jeans. There are also many variants in the style on offer, which include straight, regular, narrow, boot cut fashion.

Hope you have enjoyed the above article, we would love to know how wear and style your own pair of jeans.

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