6 Ways To Soften Your Leather Apparels At Home

6 Ways To Soften Your Leather Apparels At Home

It’s a no-brainer that leather has established itself as a classic wardrobe item over the years. Genuine leather clothing is not only stylish or versatile but also comfortable and easy to wear. Leather has a smooth and supple appearance that elevates the wearer’s style and mood. The glossy yet sophisticated textures add a unique charisma to the entire ensemble. But, time and prolonged use can affect your most-loved companions in the harshest ways. Over time, they can become stiff and make the wearer quite uncomfortable.

Why does leather become stiff?

Improper storage can cause the leather to get stiff over time. Hence, leather should always be placed at a moderate temperature to avoid extra dampness or dryness. Stretching your leather outfit, excessive exposure to heat, and prolonged use without care can contribute to stiffness too.

What happens when the leather becomes stiff?

The leather feels uncomfortable to wear when it gets stiff. It also starts cracking, causing the outfit to lose its glossy and smooth texture.

How to soften leather?

  1. Natural Oils

Jojoba, avocado, or coconut oils are the best choices for this process. Make sure that the leather is exposed to the sun before application. Lightly dip your finger in the oil and rub it on the leather skin. For best results, apply multiple layers and allow the leather to dry after.

  1. Heat

Heat can be a method to soften the leather temporarily. Apply medium heat with a hair dryer and run it over the surface of the leather outfit. Alternatively, you can put it in a tumble dryer for some time at a medium temperature.

  1. Water

If you do not want to use chemicals, using water to soften leather can be a great option. This process makes the moisture seep into the leather and loosen its firmness.

Place distilled water in a spray bottle or take a damp cloth(using tap water can cause mineral buildup and staining). Next, spray or dab water all over the surface until they bead up. Now, take a clean cloth and remove excess water from the surface. Place the leather item in a cool and dry place to evaporate the rest of the moisture.

  1. Alcohol & Vaseline

These can be the best alternatives to leather oils and conditioners. Dab a generous amount of alcohol on a cotton pad and dab it all across the leather surface. Repeat the process until the leather outfit has absorbed the moisture and you see a shine. Now, apply Vaseline on the leather surface to seal the alcohol layer. Dry the outfit overnight before wearing it.

  1. Leather Conditioner

Pour a small amount of leather conditioner on a clean cloth and apply a single thin layer in a circular motion on the leather surface. Avoid using too much conditioner as it will drench and spoil the leather.

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