Latest Trends to Beautify your Nails and Wrists

Latest Trends to Beautify your Nails and Wrists

We put in a lot of attention to our entire outfit.  But, we forget to adorn our lovely hands. There is an ocean of options ranging from nail-paints to watches, read this article to learn some quick tips. The manicure industry has doubled its trends in the past few years. From French to some amazing classic styles to get your nails done is available. There is a huge market for people who adore watches. The art of wearing bangles and bracelets is soon slipping, it is time all these come together in this article so as to help you to beautify your hands with some creativity.


Polish or piercing, nails can be molded in whichever way you would like, it totally depends on the occasion and your daily lifestyle. If you are busy with things on an everyday basis like doing household chores or running around a lab, you’d rather want to opt for a trend that is less time-consuming and looks pretty, instantly. Polish or piercing nails There is a fresh take on the French manicure front, wherein you can layer a slightly darker matte pink shade atop the glossy one. This is obviously a subtly styled but it indeed is statement-making. If you love glitter, just dip those tips and this sparkly filled manicure brings you some instant glam. If you are set out to go on a date or are the bride, you need go all white and choose the snowy caviar nail. The bubble inspired look is kept polished and sophisticated. The only thing that ticks is nail paints? Do not worry; there are heaps of fresh colors ranging from mint to mauve waiting to glisten on your nails. Pierce them or stud them with a diamond, make sure you keep those nails classy.

Wrist Watches

If you are not a big fan of bangles or bracelets and do not want to leave that hand bare, adorn a wrist watch. Depending on your style and budget, there is a massive industry awaiting your dollars. But, its not about the money and it is not only about displaying the right time. Watches today are as important as Chanel bags or Jimmy Choo shoes.Wrist Watches Floral, leather, metal or fierce colors choose anything that goes along with the event and your personality. Chunky gold numbers are still in trend, but cute floral belts or bows tied around the dials are something we haven’t ever come across before. Strap this on and make punctuality look seriously good. Mint, neon, red, white, or multi-colored, the brand plays a significant role in this area of expertise.Floral wrist watch There are some sport watches by Tommy Hilfiger and some pearly watches for your evening parties by Titan. There is a variety to pick from.

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