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How to Make Leather Shorts More Stylish and Wearable

Posted by ON Jan 22nd, 2013, AT 3:15 PM

Undoubtedly leather shorts bestow sexy appeal but there are many other styling ways to make it even more wearable, have a look below! 
Wow, leather shorts are really going to be hot this season. Especially when teamed up with stockings or tights and a pair of killer-classy heel boots! The finest material and trendy patterns of classy leather shorts have make them worth wearing.

Leather shorts have always been trendy by these days it has just joined the game of admiration and styling statement. Being the fact that Madonna looked amazingly hot in leather shorts during 80s…. but now, there are many top leading actors like Kristen Stewart, Miranda Kerr etc have spotted looking great in their shorts.  It is all about the trick, how you wear it and carry it to make them even more wearable.

  • Wearing a leather shorts doesn’t mean just pulling them off, it also pleads some chic accessories and matching stuffs that can make your overall look adorable. You can make them appear more elegant by following just a few steps and you will still have a chic and edgy glimpse.
  • If you are stepping out for a lunch with your friends, shopping trip or for a movie date- black leather is just your choice. Simply tuck a blouse and wool tights into your black shorts and pull your hair back into a bun. It would definitely turn heads towards you.
  • You can even try out feminine colors like red, pink, yellow etc as this will soften out the look.
  • If you feel that your shorts is too revealing, then don’t fret, just wear a pair of tights and let your shorts rock the show.
  • For “day look”, a pair of wedges or flats could be an appropriate option rather than heels.

Undeniably, having only a single pair of leather shorts is sufficient in one’s wardrobe as you can easily team it up for creating a dressy, causal, formal, semi-formal or glamorous outfit. However, accessorizing well and assemble of right outfits can make an apparel for any occasion. Now, it depends completely on your lookout, whether you want to opt boldness, classiness or casual appearance.  You can even try out leather online stores to get the best pick at reasonable price.

Keep in mind, your wardrobe is your canvas and be spontaneous in your life. Think out of box so and do not afraid in trying out new dressing styles.

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