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Other Attires to Wear With Leather Leggings

Posted by ON Nov 22nd, 2012, AT 4:06 PM

A leather legging can be pulled off very easily by any woman as far as you team it up with the right kind of tops, shoes and accessories.

Leather leggings brought its charm few years back. On the other hand young girls and women who think they are one of the hottest trends which are expected to fade away any time way are highly mistaken. A lot of Hollywood celebs are seen pairing this lush outfit on their outings or attending any gala event.

Casual day look

Just like donning too much of clothes you must be aware about what you match your leggings with for an informal look.  Team it up with a dark shaded pair of flats in order to make your legs appear longer. The reason why light colored flats are suggested here is that it makes your leg look shorter if you are a woman with a taller frame. A slouchy T-shirt which just ends right at your huge waist is a nice alternative for women who are slim and sleek.

Women with a figure to die for or is curvaceous can look for a longer top which covers up your bottom part. A lengthy cardigan over a T-shirt is always a nice option which you can choose whenever you sport a leather legging. Any shape and size can make a flattering remark on a hip length top and make sure that the color is pure solid. Make use of simple accessories such as a stud earring and a chunky finger ring.

Girl’s outing

This piece when worn out at night with your girl friends give away a rocker appeal to them this is why leather creates a tough statement of style. Choose darker tops such as navy blue or red with leggings that will help in lengthening your body as well as make you appear slim and slender. Pink is another hot color for you and even the ideal choice. Choose a top with a gray or maybe a muted tone in you wish to appear like a true rock star. Choose high heeled shoes in plain details such as rhinestones. Do not make the mistake of pairing all the accessories at a single time.

What to avoid

Pointed heels with sparkles, buckles are too much for women no matter how simple the upper clothing is. Checkered shirts must be worn with jeans or basic black genuine leather leggings. Wear this at any season and you are sure to rock any event.

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