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Steps To Put On a Stiff Leather Corset

Posted by ON Oct 26th, 2012, AT 3:00 PM

Corsets are created out of genuine material leather boning and tough laces so that it holds your body curves in the best manner in your muffin top and puts an accent on the hips in order to give you a sleek yet delicate fine ensemble.

There are women who are born with beautiful assets and that too with an hourglass shape but who wants to be natural when you posses a corset? Lacing a taut leather corset may appear a lot difficult than refusing the last piece of your favorite chocolate but this is relatively simple job to do.

Unfasten the obverse of the leather corset and place it on a table. Make it even with the inner side of the corset down facing on the desk and both the ends with the grommets side by side.

Tie up the lacing string from first to last from the top two holes and with that press on the laces all through the eyelets from inside out. This is done so that the end stays in a straight stroke across the inside of the leather corset. Pull on the laces to make it flat.

Dart the lace on the left all through the second which is on the right and vice versa. The laces will look in an X shape on corset with the movable trimmings on the inside.

Pull out the right lace from the third opening which on the left and then repeat the same step of taking out the lace from the left end through the third right in order to make a second X like inside. Fasten the corset in the same way you do with your favorite pair of shoes until you complete with the middle of the corset.

From a tiny loop on every surface of the corset by yarning the left and right laces all the way through the subsequent hole on the similar side in the identical order. Make sure to leave some space in the loop which can be around four inches so as to make it easy for fastening it up when you wear it.

The last step is to lace up the remaining holes and leave approx eight inches of space between the left and right side of the leather corset. This is done to let you comfort and at the same time room for breathing.

Wear it with matching accessories and a nice pair of shoes to make the look complete. You can even tie it up with a bow and rock your sexy leather corset.

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