Now You Are On Leather Haute Couture

Leather is versatile, stylish, chic and durable which goes on to explain why it is in high demand and rule the hearts of fashionistas.

The love for leather apparels, accessories never dies down and so it is not surprising if it is the hottest trend of Fall/Winter 2012/2013. But this year is especially in the name of black leather. This year you would find black leather everywhere wallets, handbags, coats, gloves, jackets and even jewelry.

The trend this season

Leather Skirts: Though these leather skirts were prominent in spring and summer too but they were mostly colored red, blue, orange and even mint. This fall you would be seeing leather skirts like pencil, knee length or calf length, in all black color. The asymmetrical ones, skirts with hemlines adorned with crystals would be in high demand. Pair them up with high heels and walk the town in style.

Leather dresses: Hollywood celebrities, fashion forward women were seen in this timeless attire and so they have made a big comeback. Little black dress in leather would give you that glamorous and sensuous look and people could not take their eyes off you. The two most popular leather dresses are the mini and straight line. Pick any and love the undivided attention.

Black leather coat: Besides being very stylish, the black leather coat tops the list of fashionistas for other reasons too. Black is able to trap the heat and thus you could feel warmer and brave the chilly winds this winter. So it is quite a practical item. This year the designers have introduced the concept of A or X silhouettes. The length runs till the knee or a little higher.

Leather trousers: tThough they find fewertakers than dresses and skirts but they will be trendy this fall. Often oversized and high waisted, you could also get them in skinny style too. The skinny version is perfect for the women who have got slender legs. The other different styles in which leather trousers could be getting are bootleg, straight cut, and flared.

Leather Jackets: They were never out of fashion and would never be in the future also. There is n number of styling options which the leather jackets provide. Wear them over your evening dress; get a biker jacket, jackets with elongated and asymmetrical cuts will be doing the talking. Oversize jackets would be a warm welcome. Wear them with your skinny pants along with leather boots and set on the fire.

Leather suits:  You could either pick a skirt or a pantsuit. Skirt suits give you a sexier appeal while with the pant suit you could get a more professional look. For ultra-sensuous look try adding a belt. This would emphasize your slim and alluring waistline.

The All leather look: This would be the most talked idea this year and you find many takers for the same. An all leather look will make you look edgy, glamorous. Keep the accessories to minimal or even prefer staying away from them.

Leather Gloves: All thanks to the designers who have made the leather gloves so stylish. This year also we would be witnessing Hollywood divas, models on the ramp showcasing the same.

Some basic advices:

  • Avoid too much overloading specially when going for an all leather look.
  • Keep the accessories like jewelry to minimal.

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