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Try Leather for this Spring

Posted by ON May 27th, 2013, AT 1:10 PM

This year’s spring fashion trend that has shocked fashion enthusiasts all over is leather. It is amusing to note that of all the weathers to wear leather, designers are opting for spring and summer for this year’s leather trends.

DR_2158_XLThe new designs are attractive and catchy, forcing enthusiasts everywhere to make this tormenting decision. Should they sacrifice comfort for fashion?

This year, designers are belting out leather products by dyeing them in springtime colours. Even though it does look good, it brings forth the question, as who would want to wear leather in scorching temperatures? Images of Ross Gellar trying on leather pants to impress girls in F.R.I.E.N.D.S come to mind.

However, for those enthusiasts ready to take on anything, it would be easier to realise their runaway dreams come to reality if they enforce some tweaks on their outfits. Instead of full on black leather pants and leather boots that would only cause unnecessary springtime pain, why not wear leather skirts with a flowy top or where leather belts? So, what about wearing open toed leather shoes complimented with leather bags to satisfy all your leather cravings?

Designers are offering knee length leather dresses this spring. Instead of opting for body hugging leather clothes that creak with every movement, it would be wiser to choose a loose flowing leather dress, which leaves room for some ventilation for your skin. Springtime gives you the privilege of showing some skin. Using that to our advantage, we can flaunt the runway without letting the blisters bother us.

Fashion can play dangerous mind games to consumers. Sure, we can go starry eyed for the latest trends, but the question of feasibility and convenience comes to mind. It certainly will not feel good if your car breaks down in the middle of the road and you have to walk several miles in your leather trousers or boots blistering your every step. Try out this trend during Spring & Summer. The warm weather leather clothes are great way of transitioning through mixed weather of the spring to fall. You can pick one piece, which is leather and rock for the whole day.

Mixing leather and lace appeals highly due to the tension of the extreme opposites: innocence & delicateness of the lace mixed with provocative, commanding, as well as sensual leather. Combo appears to turn up every season on a runway as well as in the edgy editorials; however, it is the pairing, which works while styled with some other spring clothing. You can try to layer the lace top with the leather pants, and wear a laced midi skirt.

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