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What to Wear With a Bandage Leather Skirt

Posted by ON Nov 16th, 2012, AT 2:00 PM

Bandage skirts might perhaps be very taut and chic on the other hand they are not meant just for big time celebs or singing stars.

With a bit of knowledge on the fashion quotient and the running trends any woman can simply rock with this type of skirt. The sexiness and the additional charm which this short length skirt provides a woman can be toned down very well. All you require is to pick the right kind of leather bandage skirt and walk down the street with sheer confidence.

At the workplace

Even though the leather bandage skirt is perfectly designed and meant for casual events but wait a minute before you hear something which is untrue. Yes you can now wear this type of skirt to your workplace as well by just picking the right top inside it and the blazer on top of it. Take into consideration the proportion of your entire attire, if the skirt which you have chosen is slim fit then you will require a top layer to be constructed very well.

Opt for a leather blazer in black of the color of your skirt is the same and is a bit long in length so as to cover all the flaws from the bottom half. A tank top of camisole is what you can consider wearing inside the blazer.

Other unique styles

If a skirt which doesn’t seem proper to you for the event then it would for sure look best for the other casual events. Slip into a nice top in order to show off your slim and sleek figure or preferably look for an off shoulder top so as to balance off the extra tautness of the leather skirt. Leather, as you all know is a genuine material which holds the body curves very close and just acts as a second skin to the wearer. The other vital thing to do is choosing ankle length boots or pumps that would give you a bit more weight.

Laid-back style

A leather bandage skirt can be a nice option for you on other friendly events or outings. All you need is to slip into three inch heels or flats and simply throw a plain shirt. Glares or eye shades and cross bags are another option for you to head out in a dynamic manner.

Make your leather attire look lively at this bandage leather skirt features a unique construction or design for a form fitting ensemble which is without a doubt sexy yet sophisticated. The details of a leather skirt show off a slightly defiant style. Top it off with a top or blouse for the ideal contrast in silhouettes.

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