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Leather Trouser Styles Both for Men and Women

Posted by ON Feb 19th, 2013, AT 5:00 PM

If anyone asks you about the ten top clothing you wish to have in your closet, leather pants are sure to find a place in the list.
Leather Trouser Styles for Men and Women
Leather has been around for many years and there is no denying the fact that celebrities are very much in love with the leather clothing. Though the first one to be spotted in this chic and stylish clothing were the cowboys who wore biker jackets and leather chaps. If you think that a well fitted suit is the best dressing style, you might have less knowledge about the various styling options leather get for you. Whether it is adorning the all leather look, or combining it with other clothing styles, leather has never and will never disappoint you.

We mostly associate leather with the biker and the bomber jackets but leather trousers are surely one way of adding a different look in your wardrobe. The classic leather trousers are undoubtedly the first love of the fashionistas. These trousers have been the longest standing witness to the many trends come and go but have continued to be the same stylish, comfortable and reliable in all the seasons. Whether you are planning to wear them riding a bike or going to a party, the leather trousers would never deceit you rather add a dash of style to your macho look.

The other popular styles which have come up with the new trends include the bootleg, skinny pants, flared, and also straight cut. But again I would like the oldest styles which are still making big names in the fashion circles is the leather chaps. Born from the cowboy culture, these leather chaps were soon a rage. Mostly known to act as a protective gear, these leather chaps are extremely comfortable. If you want to adorn that laid back cowboy look, you could pick them up. While riding a bike on a hot sunny day, these leather chaps would keep you cool more than the leather pants. They allow the air to pass through and you could wear them and take off as and when required.

The misconception that wearing a leather pant or chap would make you look uncomfortable is busted when you see the designers regularly coming up with new styles, designs, patterns and colors. Choose wisely depending upon the purpose. If you want to wear leather pants while riding a bike then pick one which is made from hard leather. While riding a bike you are prone to injuries so the leather has to be rugged. But if you want to wear leather trousers to work or for attending any evening party look for supple soft leather trouser. It will hug the body perfectly and would create an amazing look.

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