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Caring Tips for Cotton Trench Coats

Trench coat is a must-have wardrobe essential for every man and woman today, as you can sport at any time of the year. It is a classic piece of apparel that is timeless and never goes out of fashion as well as looks elegant with minimal dressing too. Trench coats protect the body in harsh weather conditions, be it snow or rain. Trench cotton coats can turn out to be a lifelong investment if you take proper care of these. Most of the folks are ignorant when it comes to caring and maintaining their trench coats because of which, the coats turn dull and lose their sheen.

Here is a complete guide to assist you in taking care of your cotton trench coats:

Always use cold water for washing the coat

Always hand wash your coat in cold water. This is essential if you wish to preserve its look for long time.

Dry clean regularly

Yes, take your cotton trench coat to expert dry cleaners. Do not forget to mention them about cold water and hand wash.

Reproof your trench coat

Here, reproofing means weather proofing your trench coat against snow, water and sun. This will make sure that the coat does not turn dull and tear out. Most sellers of trench coats suggest for reproofing. Do not rush when cleaning your trench coat, do it patiently.

Do not forget the tabs and belts

Do not clean belts/tabs and trench coat differently, as this will ruin the entire coat resulting in damaged shades. Thus, clean the belts/tabs and coat at the same time.

Never stack the coat, instead hang it

If you really wish your trench coat to be crisp and elegant, then avoid stacking it. Instead, hang it properly in a hanger, as this retains the perfect shape and sheen of your coat.

Use cedar bag for storing the coat

Yes, storing the trench in a cedar bag is an excellent thing, as this will prevent the buildup of insects, moths and other pests on the coat.

A trench coat undeniably is a treasured investment. However, you ought to care for your prized investment dutifully to keep it new and ravishing for years.

Caring Tips for Cowhide Leather

Caring for cowhide leather is necessary whether it is your prized leather jacket or your lavish sofa. Proper care and maintenance helps to keep your cowhide leather merchandise supple and lustrous for years. Cowhide leather that is tanned using natural process is very soft and is often used in making handbags, clothing, luggage, etc. Here is a guide to help you care and maintain your cowhide leather apparel, so that it appears new always.


  • Get rid of stains as soon as you spot them from your cowhide leather outfit. Keep the apparel away from sunlight and always store it in cloth bag instead of plastic bags.
  • You need to clean the outfit with a nice moisturizing soap. For smaller areas, clean with a damp soft cloth in circular motion. Now, buff the cleaned up areas with soft and dry cloth. Allow the clothing to dry out naturally and without sunlight.
  • Apply a solution made by blending water and alcohol for cleaning mildew stains. Here, it is advisable to test the solution on a hidden area to make sure that the solution does not fade out the outfit’s color. Wipe it off with soft damp clothing and let it dry. Apply a nice and gentle leather conditioner when it dries for maintaining its look and softness.
  • Get rid of oil-based stains by sprinkling cornstarch. After keeping this it for a night, brush off the cornstarch and wipe the area with damp soft cloth. You may reapply if required.
  • Treat salt stains on your cowhide leather apparel by vinegar and water solution. This might take a couple of attempts to get rid of the stains completely. Allow the apparel to dry with natural air. Lay the apparel flat and away from direct sunlight. After it dries out completely, apply a suitable conditioner.
  • Avoid spraying hairsprays or perfumes, as these may damage the finish of your cowhide leather outfits.
Caring Tips for Lambskin Leather

Lambskin leather is a very soft leather type made from the hide of young lamb/sheep. Varieties of apparels are made from lambskin leather such as jackets, chaps, shirts, pants, skirts, etc. If you have bought a lambskin leather apparel for the very first time in your life, then you might be pondering as how to care and maintain it. Note that leather outfits need proper maintenance and care to help them retain their look and sheen for years to come as well as to prevent early wear and tear. Leather apparels particularly the ones made from lambskin leather count to be a prudent investment. This is the reason why you need to practice proper caring techniques from the very moment you buy it. Many factors can affect the quality of your outfit right from the hanger and cleaning methods employed. Thus, by investing care and time in your outfit, you are sure to make your investment worth.


  • Dust off the outfit using a paper towel or damp cloth for eradicating dust and dirt.
  • Scrub out dirty stains with a suitable leather cleaner and exfoliating glove or terrycloth.
  • Make sure to apply a suitable and mild leather conditioner or lotion to your lambskin outfits at least twice or thrice in a year.
  • During dry climatic conditions or if you wear the apparel frequently, you might need to condition the outfit often.
  • Commercially available leather conditioners or mink oil add moisture as well as prevent stiffening and cracking of lambskin leather outfits.
  • Spray a good water repellent for protecting the lambskin apparels from damage due to rains.


  • Test any cleaner, lotion or conditioner on a small part of the cloth to ensure that it will not discolor or stain the outfit.
  • Wipe out stains and water from the outfit with soft cloth as soon as you spot them. Next, apply leather cleaner on the affected area immediately.
  • Take the outfit to expert leather cleaner if the stain appears to be serious.
  • Always hang your lambskin outfit on padded hangers or broad wood for maintaining its shape.
  • Avoid storing or stacking the outfit in plastic bags. Instead, store them in garment bag, as plastic tends to dry out lambskin.
Caring Tips for PVC Leather

Call it pleather, artificial leather, pleather or faux leather, all these terms refer to PVC leather. There are a number of followers of this particular leather type and thus, you get to see many types of merchandise made from PVC leather especially clothing. Here is a quick guide to glide you through the caring procedures for this leather type.

  • You might not want to iron your PVC leather outfit, isn’t it? This is because ironing it will melt down the leather. In case you wish to do so for getting rid of the creases, then place a soft cloth atop of the pleather outfit and iron on that cloth at low heat. Here, it is imperative to ensure that you constantly move the iron on the cloth for equal heat distribution. Most importantly, never let the iron to get in contact with right side of pleather, as then it would be a disaster.
  • Never expose your pleather outfit to direct sunlight for long period, as it will dry the material causing cracks.
  • While working with PVC leather, make sure that the stitches are neither too tight nor too small, as this might perforate the pleather causing rips.
  • In case you wish to clean the pleather outfit, then do so by wiping it with a soft damp cloth.
  • More pins will scar the pleather, so keep it minimum. Instead, make use of paper clips to keep your PVC leather outfit in place.

With time, you will realize that pleather is a material, which requires less maintenance compared to other leather types, as it is quite easy to clean and care.

Caring Tips for Suede Leather

Suede leather is created from animal hides of pigs, goats, sheep or cows. Here, the top layer of leather is sanded to obtain a soft and velvety touch having slight texture. The use of suede leather is common in the making of jackets, coats, handbags, shoes and upholstery. However, take a note that suede leather tends to stain quite easily if not cared well. Thus, caring for suede leather requires a few basic steps for ensuring that the texture and quality of our suede outfits remain intact for years to come.


  • Take your suede apparel outdoors or to a well-ventilated space. Spray the clothing with some mild water repellent. Allow the same to dry for a day in a cool place before wearing the outfit again.
  • Avoid applying hairspray, perfume or any type of chemical mists on the jacket, as these can cause stains on the outfit.
  • Avoid stacking heavy or large items in the pockets of your suede leather outfit, as these will weigh down the sides of outfit and stretch out the leather.
  • Let the outfit dry at room temperature if it gets wet accidentally. Tone the outfit with soft and clean cloth for restoring its texture. Do not place a suede leather outfit in dryer.
  • It would be wise to buy a good suede protector conditioner or lotion for maintaining the leather. Apply the lotion on a dry and clean cloth before applying it to the outfit with even and gentle strokes. After the lotion dries out, make use of a soft cloth or soft bristled brush to polish the suede.
  • Get rid of debris and dirt from the apparel by holding it at about six inches away from steam cleaner. Do not worry, if you don’t own a steam cleaner, as you can use the steam from boiling water pot. Make sure that you allow only a minimal amount of moisture to enter the suede. Once the suede gets warm after the steam, use a soft bristled brush or soft cloth to wipe out any dirt.
  • If you feel that the stain is stern enough, consider taking your suede outfit to professional leather cleaner.